Monday, November 7, 2016

4 Health benefits of Grilling

The interior design of your kitchen needs to have a balance of beauty and resourcefulness. The kitchen needs to be built to your needs and a well designed kitchen will increase productivity while cooking. Keeping that in mind, are you someone who is in the process of rebuilding your kitchen but can't decide whether to have a grill setup or not? Let us help you make that decision with 4 health benefits to using a grill in your kitchen.

1. Less Butter = Fewer calories

Whether you are new to grilling or refer to yourself as a grill master, not overcooking your food is a vital step. In normal day cooking to add moisture to your cuts of meat and veggies, you'll reach for common ingredients such as butter or cooking oil. The Benefit of having a grill is that the grill retains the moisture and would require less butter which equates to fewer calories and ultimately a less unhealthy dish.

2. Grill Retains Nutrients

Tossing your cut of meat on the grill will actually preserve more riboflavin & thiamine and your vegetables will retain more of their healthy nutrients, which makes it easier to enjoy a mean part of your healthy diet.

3. Fat cooks off

Have you ever cooked a burger on your stove-top ? If yes, you will agree that at the bottom of your pan theres a pool of fat that is always re-absorbing itself to the meat being cooked. When you grill your meat, the grill will let the excess fat drip off the grates and you'll end up with a healthier option.

4. Vegetables Detox

Grilling vegetables will act as a passive detox to your system. Vegetables are not only low in calories but they are high in fiber which is perfect to make you feel full while still helping you lose weight.
Those are just 4 healthy reasons why to consider including a grill inside your kitchen or even adding easy access to a grill outside. Don't forget outside grilling can always be accompanied with outdoor activities which helps in keeping active and bonds family and friends together !