Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kitchen Renovation 101: tips for a successful remodeling process

Kitchen Renovation: Where do I start? 

completed classic kitchen


About Duenas Kitchen Specialists

Duenas Kitchen Specialists is a kitchen renovation company in Vaughan and Concord areas in Ontario. We specialize in kitchen redesigns, remodeling and complete makeovers. One thing that we often get asked is how to get started with the kitchen renovation process. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the process and show you what you can expect when you hire a professional company to .

Step 1: Find a kitchen design company

If you live in Vaughan, it's best to limit your search only to kitchen renovation companies in Vaughan. On the long run, you will see that it's more convenient to deal with a local company. Depending on your kitchen needs, you can ask around to see which company has the most expertise in your technical requirements. 


Step 2: Kitchen evaluation

The chosen kitchen design company will go to your home and take some measurements. However, the overall process of evaluation does not stop there: this is the step where they will analyse your space, quiz you on your preferences and budget and give you a rough idea on the cost of your kitchen renovation project. 

It’s best to prepare for this meeting by listing out some of your own ideas. Some people like to do some research online first and print kitchen designs that are the closest to what they want to have. The kitchen design company will give you feedback on the practical implementation of your concept.
A good kitchen design company will also factor in important elements like safety measures and overall functionality.

Step 3: Kitchen cabinet selection

The most striking part of any kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. There are many different styles, colours and finishes of kitchen furniture on the market. Your kitchen company will guide you to choose the one that works best for your space. You will have to select:
  • ·       The doors and drawers
  • ·       The colours and finishes
  • ·       The material and species
Selecting the right kitchen cabinets can make or break a well-design cooking area!


Step 4: Kitchen counter top selection

When it comes to kitchen countertops, practicality becomes head-to-head just as important as style and beauty. Since you will be using your countertops the most heavily (think cooking, baking, cutting, preparing and other kitchen activities), they need to be durable enough for years. You will have to select:

  • ·       The material
  • ·       The colour
  • ·       Type of edge profile

Step 5: Appliances selection

If you are doing a complete kitchen makeover, you will most likely be getting new kitchen appliances, as well. Your kitchen renovation company will help you decide on the type of appliances that reflect your style and needs the most. 

The most important part of kitchen renovation is making sure that you get a kitchen that is beautiful AND functional. As it is the soul of your home where your family gathers to spend quality time together, you want to make sure that it reflects your style and helps to make your life easier at the same time. 

Duenas KitchenSpecialists has been in business in Vaughan since 2008 with a wide array of kitchen design projects. Call us at any time to discuss your ideas. 905-482-4349